Exploring new uses of high energy electron irradiations at VESPER, CERN

The VESPER facility at CERN can be used for characterization of electronics to be used in the Jovian environment. RADSAGA is currently exploring new ways on how to use the facility. Experiments held by Vanessa Wyrwoll (ESR4) with medical detectors will benefit both the radiation to electronics effects domain and the medical physics field.

Feria of Low Energy Protons in Seville

The Centro Nacional de Aceleradores in Seville, Spain, hosted RADSAGA for a full week on May 13-17, 2019. The main scope of the experiments were low energy protons and their impact on upset rates of state-of-the-art commercial CMOS based SRAMs. A special radiation monitor, based as well on SRAM, and developed within the RADSAGA project was also put in the beam and showed a wide range of responses according to the core voltage supplied.