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Official public release of RADSAGA System-Level Radiation Testing Guideline

A big milestone in the RADSAGA project has been achieved with the public release of the RADSAGA System-Level Radiation Testing Guideline. The document contains recommendations about when and how to use system-level radiation testing as verification scheme for space systems and sub-systems. You can find the document at this link.

The document was written in a compact and user-friendly format that aims at answering the following questions:

  • What can I get from system-level testing? 
  • Why should I use system-level testing? 
  • When should I use system-level testing? 
  • How should I implement system-level testing? 

It was reviewed by several supervisors within the RADSAGA project and by external experts with longtime expertise in radiation effects testing.

The aim of the document is to help out system developers and designers to perform the radiation verification of their systems. In its current form it is meant to cover that gray area between no-testing and detailed component-level radiation testing. It is particularly indicated for those systems associated to high risk acceptance, for which, typically, the standard hardness assurance approach would be too expensive or for which tight schedule constraints have to be respected to meet launch opportunities.

ESR15 Andrea Coronetti


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